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Dr Emad Ghabrial - ORTHODONTIST

BChD, MchD(orthod), H Dent Dipl, PG Dipl Dent (P.Manag.)

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Oral Hygiene

What do I need to clean my braces?

  • Toothbrush (Regular: Curaprox 5460) or (Electric: Sonicare / Oral B Range)
  • Fluoride Toothpaste (like Colgate Total 12)
  • Interdental Brush
  • SuperFloss
  • Plaque Disclosing Tablets (for first month to help indicate the plaque in the mouth)


Please purchase your Banding Bag (includes everything you need to clean your braces)

from the Oral Hygiene Shop at reception 



You should brush your teeth 3 times per day, or if you can after every meal.   

There are 3 steps to brushing properly with braces:


Step 1:

 First, brush the outside gum area of your teeth (the area between the brace and the gum) using a 45 degree angle of the brush head. This is an area that can become inflamed and bleed a lot if neglected, so this step is very important.

Step 2:

 Next, brush the inside gum area using the same 45 degree angle of your toothbrush head. It is important to be thorough in all steps by brushing ALL your teeth (not just the front teeth), a few teeth at a time.

Step 3:

Brush the top (biting) edges of all your teeth. Also, be sure to brush ALL appliances in your mouth, always finish by brushing your tongue; this is an important area where bad breath starts.


Flossing is still necessary when wearing braces. Although slightly more time-consuming. To make it easer you can use super floss. Your teeth should be flossed one time each day before bedtime.

Step 1: 

Pass the stiff end of the floss under the wire between two teeth.
Step 2:

Make a C- shape against the brace on each side with the spongy part of the floss. This will clean each side of the brace. Never clean in between your teeth with the sponge.

Step 3:

Push the normal floss end carefully through the contact between the two teeth and pass it up and down in a C-shape against each tooth.


The interdental brush was designed so that you could effectively remove plaque from around the gum line, under your braces and between your teeth. It works very well and should be used each day before bedtime.

CLEAN THE DANGER ZONE: Extra care must be taken in the area between your gums and the braces. We call this “the danger zone”. Food and plaque that collects around your braces and wires can cause stains and cavities as well as gingivitis, so be sure to keep your teeth clean.

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