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Dr Emad Ghabrial - ORTHODONTIST

BChD, MchD(orthod), H Dent Dipl, PG Dipl Dent (P.Manag.)

Queenswood:   (+27) 012 3332224/6   |    Pretoria East:   (+27) 012 809 1911

Oral Hygiene


We are proud to provide a oral hygiene service to our patients. Although you have braces your teeth can still be cleaned by the oral hygienist. Dr. Ghabrial advice patients to have a professional cleaning at least twice a year. Patients that struggle with oral hygiene will need more regular cleanings. Oral hygiene instructions will be given to help patients.

Bad Oral Hygiene

 Gum disease, which is seen as swollen, red and bleeding gums; your gums become inflamed. If your gums are swollen and inflamed, your teeth will not move as easily and you will experience more discomfort during your treatment. 

Good Oral Hygiene

Healthy teeth, as well as healthy gums which are light pink with no swelling.
View our Printable Oral Hygiene Instructions


Current Products that we Recommend:

NEW : Now available! The Philips Sonicare for kids

Designed to develop better brushing habits through:



Helps to Increase brushing time slowly over 90 days, building towards the dentist recommended 2 minutes


2 Kid-friendly power modes

2 Kid-friendly power modes adapts to different ages providing a gentle cleaning that's ideal for different ages. There is a low mode for ages 4 and up and high mode for ages 7 and older


Age-appropriate brush heads

2 brush head sizes that are specifically designed to gently clean and protect teeth at key developmental stages



Delivers fun and engaging musical tones that encourage kids to brush the front and back of both upper and lower teeth


Multi grip design

Ergonomically designed to enable parents and kids to brush together or own their own


Available at our Oral Hygiene Shop!  


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