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Dr Emad Ghabrial - ORTHODONTIST

BChD, MchD(orthod), H Dent Dipl, PG Dipl Dent (P.Manag.)

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After surgery


We do everything we can to make your surgical experience as comfortable as possible. There are several things you can do to help. Here are also things you should expect.


The amount of postoperative swelling which occurs varies from person to person. It appears to be greater in the second or third day after surgery and tends to decrease thereafter. Swelling may be present up to 6 months after your surgery, but generally is only noticeable up to 6 weeks. In order to minimize swelling, we suggest:

1. Ice compresses - It is most important that ice compresses be in place the first 12 hours after surgery. Place ice around the operative site several times a day to reduce the amount of swelling which occurs in the first week.

2. Elevation of head ~ {the first 2 weeks after surgery} the head should be placed at a 30-45 degree angle while sleeping. This will reduce the amount of fluid accumulation in the jaws at night.

3. Steroids - Your surgeon may recommend the administration of steroids to reduce the amount of swelling, which also reduces discomfort.

4. Increasing activities - Walking and "getting back to normal" increases blood flow, which helps to disperse swelling. We encourage all patients to begin normal walking and other activities which would increase their blood flow. However, do not resume vigorous activities such as jogging, working out or other sports until your surgeon gives you approval.

It is not uncommon for you to experience a brief period of "the blues" several weeks after your procedure. This mild depression may be due not only to the general anesthesia, but to changes in diet as well. Another factor may be the response from your friends and relatives. Your friends and relatives should be aware that there is going to be a change in your appearance and that gradual adaptation to the surgery will occur. Please caution your friends and family that final judgments of the end result should not be made for many months. Also in advance, you should inform them of what should be expected with your procedure.



Most patients return to work or school one week after their procedure. Physical activities such as jogging, working out, etc. should not be resumed for approximately 3 months. Walking and other more moderate activities are certainly encouraged in order to increase your blood flow to reduce swelling.


Strict oral hygiene maintenance is essential. If you do not keep your mouth clean after your surgical procedure, you greatly increase the chance of an infection occurring. Use a soft bristle brush, preferably with a very small head {child's toothbrush}, and clean above the brackets and around the orthodontic arch wires as effectively as possible. Please take great care not to hit the incisions.

Please Download our Post Surgery Brochure or ask for one at our practice so that you have the information close by!