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Dr Emad Ghabrial - ORTHODONTIST

BChD, MchD(orthod), H Dent Dipl, PG Dipl Dent (P.Manag.)

Queenswood:   (+27) 012 3332224/6   |    Pretoria East:   (+27) 012 809 1911

New Patient

Welcome to 


We are so excited to meet you!!!


We are always exited about meeting our new patients. Upon arrival you will be welcomed and asked to complete a patient information form. Alternatively, you can download the
Patient Information Form and bring it along, with your ID & Medical Aid Card.

We will take a x-ray (Panoramic Radiograph). Dr. Ghabrial will do an examination and recommend if and when orthodontic treatment will be necessary. This is your opportunity to get to know doctor, ask questions and discuss your concerns.


This enables us to view the upper and lower jaws simultaneously, analyze all the teeth and supporting bone, sinuses, and a non-detailed look at the jaw joint. It enables us to see abscesses, cysts and tumours of the jaw, the number of teeth, the angles at which they appear and the general health of the bone.

If treatment is indicated ~ 

Each individual’s orthodontic problem is different and deserves personalized attention. Doctor Ghabrial will evaluate the patient and set up a unique treatment plan for you.

We will then need to do a Complete Orthodontic investigation

The following record will be taken: 

· Digital intra-oral and facial photos.

· Cephalometric X-rays.

· A periapical and hand x-ray if applicable.

· Impressions for Study models. 



This is an x-ray of the entire head and the profile.

The profile skull view allows us to measure approximately 50 different areas by which we can construct a growth analysis (child), classify facial type and make accurate pre­dictions with regards to what might occur without treatment and consider various alternative treatments. 



Periapical view: A few series of intaoral radiographs is required for assessment of gums & teeth.

Hand view: Assessment of the skeletal age and the onset of puberty to assess how much growth there still is.


Facial photographs allow us to study asymmetry of the face, smile  lines, lip competence, certain facial muscle habits. The smile line is crucial to a truly excellent result. 

Photographs of the mouth itself allow us to study texture of lips, cheek, tongue, etc. as well as documenting various types of stains or discolouration of teeth. They allow us to see the malposition of teeth from various angles. 


Plaster models of the patient’s mouth are taken. This is perhaps the most critical diagnostic aid we have. It gives is a true picture of the way your bite actually is. 

After we have all the necessary information and have planned out your unique treatment we will arrange a treatment discussion for you!

During the Treatment Discussion, Dr Ghabrial will be:

· Discussing patient’s questions and problems.

· Possible alternatives.

· Estimated treatment time.

· You will receive:

1. Summary of your treatment plan.
2. Financial plan.
3. Motivation to the medical aid.

Our administrative team will also discuss the financial aspects with you, any questions you have... we are here to assist!

We look forward to the orthodontic journey with you!!!

Please Download our New Patient Records information to prepare yourself or your child for the diagnostic records.

See you Soon!

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